Um mig



On My Way


One of the most enjoyable things I do is practice finding inner peace and tranquility in nature, but at the same time try to be aware of the human life near me. This is a scenario where I have the opportunity to be in my own inner well being, but still be amongst people.

I love watching people enjoying nature, when they get in touch with their own inner essence, something magnificent happens. This good opportunity for experience is offered, among other things along the shore lane near the center of Reykjavik where the view and the proximity to the sea allow each and every one to have their own space. There I have come to be alone with myself in my own inner peace, whether I am on my bicycle, walking or just sitting.

It´s a different feeling to be alone having committed within myself to connect with the rhythm of the nature and to follow it, but still at the same time be around a lot of people. People I don´t know, but who are there for the same purpose as I, to seek a connection with the rhythm and power of nature and to experience a feeling of inner peace and well being. Under these circumstances, I can feel so strong in the relationship with these people and I realize that we are searching for the same sense of being. Even though they come from other parts of the world and we do not know each other I can sense that there is the same essence inside us that is waking up at this moment. It is mother earth in all her rawness and beauty that is waking up our inner silence and love.

To be alone during a moment like this where no one interferes, nobody talks and takes me out of this moment. It allows me the opportunity to sense the ocean, the mountains, the ground under my feet, the chirps in the birds, the life at the sea and truly experience the beauty of life. I am one by myself, but can find the love for all the beauty that surrounds me; we are one.

There are all kinds of people, they are in groups, two together, or one by themself. The good thing about being around these people is that they are on vacation, they are in a sense of well-being, they are free of everyday life, they are enjoying, watching, listening, caring for each other, hugging, taking pictures of each other or the landscape, they are relaxed and there is a glow around them. Even though someone stops to says Hi, or good morning, I can still keep my inner peace, because I’m not listening to any other words, but “hi, hello, good morning, or good evening”, which are beautiful words in any language and they carry a frequency of lightness.



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